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Aerospace Education

Aerospace Activities @ Picatinny Composite Squadron

MISSION STATEMENT: Empowering members with opportunities and resources to promote aerospace-related STEM education and careers.

Model Rocketry
We give cadets the opportunity to learn about rocketry through in-meeting lessons, solid-state model builds, and group rocket launches. Cadets discover the terminology of rocket trajectory, the physics involved in a rocket’s flight, and the practical issues that come with launching a rocket out doors. Cadets who successfully pass written tests, complete hands on activities, and launch their rockets will receive a medal for their uniforms. We’re proud to have partnered with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) to fund this activity.

Flight Simulators
Whether at physical meetings or online, our cadets have the opportunity to join online flight simulator games to hone their piloting knowledge and enjoy each other’s company. Our cadets use Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to organize digital familiarization lessons, coordinated flights, as well as simulated flight operations (e.g. cross country flights, interceptions, and in-air refueling) in coordination with other simulator pilots across the globe.

Orientation Flights
The Civil Air Patrol has the largest fleet of Cessna aircraft ready to be deployed for missions in times of emergency. To allow cadets to gain familiarization with these planes, we offer every cadet five free orientation flights

Hands-On Projects
The third week of each month, our cadets participate in hands-on learning activities focused on aerospace education or related science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics. This could range from simple activities like writing a list of items to pack if they were going to the moon to more complex tasks like building balsa wood airplanes powered by rubber bands to flying remote control aircraft. Each activity strives to help cadets develop their problem solving skills.

And More!
Civil Air Patrol has many opportunities for cadets to learn and experience STEM. While the above are some of the activities our squadron does, you can explore what other squadrons across the nation are doing by visiting

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